A family friendly holiday village with 106 fully equipped traditional coastal cottages all located in Havsbaden, Ängelholm. The 6 km long, shallow beach is very child friendly. By June, the water is warmer than in any other bay in Sweden. In the forest there are bike and walkingpaths and jogging trails.


You can also paddle slowly down Rönne river, run off with a fishing boat in the early morning or take a quiet evening row right into the sunset. Go to Torekov and Hallands Väderö or from Landskrona over to Ven. The sightseeing boat, Laxen, goes about its daily trips from the pier in the center of Ängelholm and from the marina in the cove during the summer.


Clusters of small wooden houses are clustered around narrow lanes, all oriented around the village street with its venues, which opens the way for the community - while the cottages offer guests all the peace and privacy they may also seek.


Klitterbyn is open year round, every season has its charm.